Zone Heating With a Modern Fireplace  


Modern fireplaces not only meet the homeowners desire to add natural beauty and exceptional ambiance to a living space, they can also provide cost-effective heating in your favorite space. Today, design styles for modern fireplaces have moved away from recreating the look and feel of a traditional fireplace. Bold and sleek design options add an exciting visual appeal to contemporary decors, while still producing enough heat to increase the comfort of an interior space.

Modern Gas Fireplaces Efficiency

The modern gas fireplace has become extremely popular, especially appealing to homeowners who prefer the hassle-free, low maintenance benefits of a direct-vent gas fireplace. The direct vent fireplace has many advantages when it comes to versatility, safety, and efficiency. While they burn traditional fuels like natural gas, heat loss is minimized because the units are completely sealed off.

A modern fireplace converts most of the fuel used into heat that can be released into the immediate area. As a rule-of-thumb, for an 8-foot ceiling, these units can generate about 5,000 BTU forever one-hundred square foot of living space. The average heat released can range between 180-210 degrees for a gas fireplace, enough heat to create a cozy area on chilly days.

Using Fireplace Zone Heating

Zone heating is using an alternate heating source as a more cost-efficient choice over the home’s main heating system. Research studies have demonstrated that homeowners will spend about 80% of their time in about 20% of the home’s heated space. With full house heating, 80% of the area is mostly unused during the majority of the occupants active time.

Zone heating can save hundreds of dollars in annual energy costs by lowering the home’s thermostat setting and zone heating those areas that are occupied. Modern fireplaces have the added benefit of silent operation, making peace and quiet truly a reality within your home. The homeowner that uses zone heating can know they are contributing to a better environment by using less fossil fuel.

Considerations for Modern Fireplaces

It is important to with a reputable modern fireplace manufacturer to determine the features and options that will benefit your zone heating requirements. These may include a high-powered blower, adjustable flame height, heat output, and thermostat or remote control. Also, consider the surrounding space – whether artwork, shelving, or a television set will require specific clearances. And finally, the location will determine the rooms heating pattern – modern fireplaces can be stand-alone, or mounted on an interior or exterior wall.

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