Need Cash? The Best 4 Things to Pawn


It happens. The rent is due and you’re short. An unexpected car expense comes up. You’ve got your eye on a new car but it’s out of your price range. It’s tax season.

There’s always a reason to need some extra cash. And fortunately, you may not have to do much to get exactly the amount you need!

So many people have tons of items of value lying around their house, and they don’t even know it. These items can be easily pawned at your local pawn shop, and the return can be highly valuable!

If you don’t know where to start, try looking for the following sellable items that always go like hot cakes:

Top Items to Pawn for Extra Cash

Not sure how to begin pawning your items for extra cash? Start by sifting through your possessions for any of the following:

  1. Jewelry

Any diamond buyer New York has will buy jewelry from you, and it’s one of the best ways to pawn your possessions. That’s because jewelry generally stays looking nice and keeps its value for longer than things like electronics and power tools.

And in fact, often, the best diamond buyer New York has will be located in a pawn shop, so if you have jewelry to sell, you can just bring along your electronics and power tools too!

  1. Computers, Tablets, and Smart Phones

Electronics such as laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and smart phones may be valuable when sold at a pawn shop. The only thing to remember here is that the best sales will be on brand new or “newish,” clean, good-working-order electronics that have all the appropriate parts and components. A manual is always an extra bonus as well!

  1. Power Tools

Your garage or basement may be full of more money than you think! Band saws and table saws, air compressors, power drills, and other power tools can go for hundreds of dollars. Again, make sure they’re in good working order, clean, and include all components and accessories. As with electronics, it’s good to have the original manual and any warranties as well.

  1. Guns

Finally, any legal guns you own can often be pawned at pawn shops. They should be in good working order, clean, and come with all parts and paperwork.

Start Pawning Today!

Ready to make some extra cash fast? Head to the best pawn shop or diamond buyer New York residents trust and start showing them your items. Make sure you research the value of each one first, so you can haggle if necessary, clean up the items as best you can, gather all accessories and boxes, and you’re ready to go!