Reasons Why You Should Integrate Cubicles into the Office Space


Office cubicles were introduced back in the 1960s by a designer named Robert Prospt who was designing it for Herman miller. They were part of the open plan offices that have become a culture in most organizations.

The other open space office layouts are:

  • Half partitions – Enables employees to speak to each other over the partitions.
  • Team enclosures – employees who worked on the same project are put in the same room. This is suitable for a team of employees who constantly need to discuss ideas.
  • A large open space – it is where people work side by side in close proximity without partitions. It is suitable for companies that have a low number of employees.

So why should you integrate office cubicles in your organization:

Nature of the job

There are particular professions that require peace and quiet to be able to perform to the best of one’s ability. The silence in the office cubicles provides space for them to think and come up with ideas and solutions.

Putting such group of individuals in an open free space would be detrimental.

Confidential information

Cubicles are designed in such a way that they have storage shelves for the employee. This ensures that they are a safe place to store documents from prying eyes.

Employees can also have private conversations in the cubicles without interruptions.

You can also install sliding glass panels that can be closed when having private meetings.

Controlled interactions

With an open space office, anyone can come at your desk. You have no control over who you talk to and even when. It’s a matter of who pops up. There’s sharing of papers and pens but a cubicle provides a controlled environment in terms of interaction.

Increase productivity

The constant interaction of employees in an open space environment can lead to distractions and meaningless conversations during working hours. Office cubicles curb this by enclosing the employee in their working environment and so if they want to talk to a colleague they have to move out of their enclosed area.

Employees are then protected from countless distractions which enable them to concentrate on their jobs hence increased productivity.


It is easier to adjust cubicles according to the appropriate size that the job requires or the employees’ needs. Whether they need it expanded or reduced is also possible with professionals who install cubicles.

Although the initial cost of cubicles may be high, they can be repaired and adjusted to fit the needs of the employee. This saves the company money over time.

A company that specializes in cubicles can work with you within your budget and needs of the organizations to give you the best options that are cost-effective.